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Patricia's Hair Salon in West Saint Paul, Minnesota, provides the greatest hair services. With our best services, such as haircuts, hair color, hair treatment, hair extension, hair style, waxing, and more, we can make your hair better than before. Be more attractive and confident than you've ever been. Now is the time to visit our hair salon!



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Patricia's Hair Studio is the best hair salon in West St. Paul, Minnesota offering the second to none hair services you can find. We care for your happy and healthy hair with our best services such as haircut, hair color, hair extensions, hair treatment, and hairstyling. Check out our page and see our reviews!
Come here to Patricia's Hair Studio and let's make your hair shiny and healthy. We offer the best hair services here at West St. Paul. Our services are hair cutting, hair color, hair extension, and hair treatment. Be gorgeous and confident with our best hairstyling skills. Visit our page and see or satisfied clients.


HAIR COLOR: Clean, completely dry hair is the best. To save time and get the best results be sure to fully disclose your hair history including any information regarding perms, dark brown, black or red hair color used within the past few years.


BODY WAX: Clean, exfoliated skin with 1/4 inch hair minimum is the best surface for a successful and even body wax service. Please fully disclose any products or medications that you are using that directly alter your skin or may have skin quality related side-effects. 


EXTENSIONS: Clean, completely dry hair is the best. To save time and get the best results it is best to have your color service done 3 -7 days prior to your extension installation appointment. Be sure to avoid all products on the day of installation as it may alter the ability to properly bond the hair extensions. 


HAIR COLOR: It is best to wait a minimum of 48 hrs after your color service to wash your hair after having color services done at PHS. Use a professional grade hair care system for shampoo, conditioner and styling aids to prolong and maintain your hair color. 


BODY WAX: It is best to wait 3-6 hours before submerging your freshly waxed body in hot water. It is best to avoid prolonged sun exposure, highly chlorinated or salt water for a minimum of 48 hrs post wax services. You may become temporarily sensitive to certain products post wax due to the open pores, be sure to use gentle and professional grade moisturizers and non-abrasive scrubbing agents and accessories. 


EXTENSIONS: It is best to wait a minimum of 48 hrs after your extension installation to wash your hair. Be sure to be gentle at the base closest to your scalp to maintain the adhesion technique. When combing or brushing your installed extensions be sure to hold the hair at the base and gently start any detangling from the ends of the hair first and then work toward the scalp. If your extensions shall become loose or start falling out as your installation period nears the end be sure to save the hair piece for future use with our Wash/Refresh service. 


Any person receiving services at PATRICIA'S HAIR STUDIO, LLC fully understands that all services can have varying results. Each individual has a different underlying natural or previously colored pigment ie. "hair history" which may develop an unpredictable occurrence during the service. Some results may take several appointments to achieve or in some cases may become unachievable. It is your responsibility to make your stylist aware of any and all chemical hair or skin processes done in the past 24 months. Any information withheld regarding previous processes (hair and skin history) will increase my chance of damage and the potential for unpredictable chemical reactions including the use of the following products or occurrences; MONAT, WEN, SPLAT, SUN-IN, RETINOL, ACCUTANE, PROACTIVE, acne medications, hair plugs or transplants, hormone alteration medication, hair loss medication, relaxers, perms, hard water, well water, excessive use of heavy wax or heavy detergent hair products, henna or metallic based store brand hair color, hair color, chemical, skin, laser or wax services performed at any other salon. I am aware that chemical processes may cause some damage to my skin or hair and without proper follow up color fading may occur. I am aware that my stylist has been trained to identify any issue and I allow the stylist to discontinue service at any time due to any progressive concern. In the event that my hair or wax service is not the expected result I agree to return to PHS and continue the process with all associated fees. I agree that the stylist has discussed preparation for my appointment, possible outcomes and any follow up necessary to maintain the color, chemical or wax service. I have read the terms and conditions above and by booking with PHS I agree to the service variables and risks associated with any service performed at PATRICIA'S HAIR STUDIO.

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